Thursday, 5 April 2018

Robin Hood and the silver trophy

Omaru creek.

Once upon a time there live a slimy greasy eel and his name was  Max and he lived in Omaru Creek, that was greasy and muddy One sunny bright day Max ate rubbish and he got sick so he slept and he never woke up and he was died. Suddenly a bird came and her name was Eva and Eva lived by max. When she was having. Breakfast she looked at the creek she saw that Max was not breathing so she went to go grab him and took him to her place and she put a little bit of water and tipped the water on him. So she put her hand on his tummy and she got the rubbish out of his tummy and Max was back alive and and Eva told him not to eat rubbish again. Then they celebrated Because Max was alive and he liked the party because al his friend s werethere for him. Finally they had a nice breakfast of fresh fruit and delicious green healthy leaves.