Monday, 3 August 2020

Belgium flag

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My Belgium Adventure

When I first arrived I went to get some food because I was so hungry and tired from flying. It was my first time going in a plane but it was worth coming to this beautiful place. After that I went to find a hotel as soon as I found one and got in the room I quickly ran on the bed and fell asleep straight away.

On the next day I woke up and called room service for my breakfast. After that yummy delicious breakfast I wondered what I should do. So I decided to go and visit some famous places like the cloth hall. It was pretty nice there. I got to go in just because it was my first time going to Belgium. Then I met a nice lady who helped me not get lost in that big building. I invited her to dinner.

I went to bed after having dinner. It was a lovely dinner. We had fried chicken. We had a lovely dessert too. It was ice cream with chocolate syrup. The next day I was packing my things to get ready for my trip to Samoa. But first I went to all the places I visited and gave everyone I met a present.

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