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Friday 10 December 2021

Fast Food Logo


4 Facts: Burger King


Response to text: Fast Food

Fast Food

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.

1. What is fast food?

a) A place where food is prepared and served quickly             b) A dairy

c) A place where people dine in and order fancy food              d) I don’t know

2. Who created McDonald’s? 

a) Colonel Sanders         b) Ben and Jerry

c) Richard and Maurice McDonald         d) Dave Thomas

3. What was the first KFC restaurant called?

a) Kentucky Fried Chilli b) Kentucky Fried Chicken

c) no one knows d) McDonald’s

4. True or False: Richard and Maurice (Mac) McDonald were father and son.

a) True b) False

5. What is the name of Burger King in Australia?

a) Burger King, duh! b) KFC

c) Georgie Pie d) Hungry Jacks

6. What is your favourite fast food restaurant?

→ Quater pounder from macas


Thursday 9 December 2021

Response to text: Celebrities


1. What is a celebrity?

a) Your next door neighbour b) A famous person 

c) A teacher             d) Anyone

2.What TV show made George Clooney famous? 

a) Shortland Street            b) Lost 

c) Grey's Anatomy        d) ER 

3. Where was Ariana Grande born?

a) Boca Raton, Florida             b) Auckland, New Zealand 

c) Lexington, Kentucky d) Akron, Ohio

4. How did Ariana Grande become famous?

→ She acted as cat in victorious  and Sam and cat.

5. True or False: LeBron James is a professional baseball player for Los Angeles.

a) True b) False

6. What was the name of Oprah Winfrey’s talk show?

a) Dr Phil             b) The Oprah Winfrey Channel

c) The Oprah Winfrey Show d) Jeremy Kyle

7. Explain why Oprah is not called by her real name?

→ No one knew how to spell or pronounce it properly, so they started calling her Oprah instead.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Response to text: Kaimoana (Seafood)

 Kaimoana (Seafood)

1. What is kaimoana?

a) Food that has been gathered from the sea b) Food sold by KFC

c) Food that has been gathered from the sky d) Food sold by McDonalds

2. What do pāua eat (consume)? 

a) Kelp             b) Fish

c) Seaweed          d) Water

3. How many of the 270 fish species found inshore are endemic to New Zealand?

a) 11%   b) 30%

c) no one knows   d) 25%

4. True or False: “Kina are endemic to New Zealand meaning they are found all over the world.”

a) True b) False

5.How many different species of wheke (octopus) are there in New Zealand?

a) 51             b) 32

c) 42 d) 63

6. What is your favorite seafood? And why?

→ Shrimp because it’s nice and juicy.

4 Facts: Kaimoana (Seafood)