Thursday, 10 June 2021

Cube Maths T2 Wk 6 2021



This is my research presentation activity about a book I have been reading for the few days I hope you enjoy watching it. leave a comment below if you enjoyed the presentation.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

The Earth Four Systems.

 There are four Earth systems: The Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Geoshpere and Biosphere. 

Atmosphere, The Atmosphere has 5 layers surrounding the Earth. The first one is where we live and that layer is called the Troposphere. The Troposphere is the lowest Layer of the Atmosphere and that is where most of the clouds are.

 Biosphere,The biosphere is practically every living organism such as humans, plants and animals. An animal is an organism which is made up of cells. For a organism to be an animal it has to be made with more than one cell and it has to breathe in oxygen. The biosphere is considered to be one of four layers surrounding the earth.

The hydrosphere Last week. I learnt about the water cycle. Did you know when the sun warms up the water on the Earth’s surface  the water evaporates. Turning it into water vapor and the vapor travels up into the sky. Then it cools down and it turns into clouds. Clouds are actually tiny drops of water but when the cloud grows bigger they collect more water then water drops combined and become bigger drops and become rain.  

Geosphere, The Geoshpere is the earth's solid rocky outer layer and is also  known as the crust. Without the exosphere it would be possible for humans to live on the Earth  because there would be no solid ground. The exosphere includes everything that looks like solid ground. 

As you can see these are the four systems of the earth. Hopefully you now understand what the four systems are and hopefully you will teach someone else about this. Thanks for reading, Please leave a comment down below.