Thursday, 8 July 2021

Retelling a Story - How Matariki Came to Be


A long time ago there lived perfect gods, ranginui and papatuanuku, the sky father and earth mother. The love they had had for each other was very immense that they could not bear to be apart. The parents were also keeping  their six children, waiti, waita, ururangi, tupu a nuku, tupu a rangi from the light

That was until one gloomy dark day when Ranginui  stirred a beam of light which shone from papatianuku’s armpit out her children, the children moaned to free themselves and enter the world of light. The children begand to work on breaking the embrace that had kept their universe so dark for so long . But their parents' love was so strong that their efforts were effortless.

Then that's when the almighty Tane Mahuta, God of the forest layed flat down on his back and dug his shoulders deep into his mother’s body. With his strong legs Tane pushed against his father and with all his strength he summoned the attemp to let light into the world. Papatuanuku tried  crying out for him to stop but he ignored it. Tane Pushed even harder  and the love betreen his parents began to tear apart. Tane fully extended his strong powerful legs and plunged ranginui to the heavens.

When ranginui flew up into the sky paptuanuku felt miserable but when Ranginui’s tears fell from the sky she felt a little bit happy. It reminded her of his grief and love for her. As this happened it angered tane mahuta’s brother, Tawhirimatea, the god of the winds.  He anger sent raging storms and viloent winds Tawhirimatea was into much main that he tored his eyes out and crushed them into pieces. His winds carried the pieces into the heavens creating a cluster of stars, we know today as Matarik

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